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iRecharge Me Health Workshop

iRechargeMe Health Workshop

iRechargeMe is a completely natural and holistic programme introducing positive techniques to improve your physical health and mental wellbeing. We can help you feel and look younger! Find out More

Martial Arts & Self-Defense

Martial Arts & Self-Defense

Join us for a fun-filled day of traditional and modern martial arts training, including self defence techniques. Students will explore traditional Korean Taekwondo, fast paced Parkour techniques, and our personal safety program; which includes confidence building, street awareness and role play.For children 8-16. October Half Term @ The Academy Camden. Find Out More.

Music Marketing Workshop

Music Marketing Workshop for Musicians

Do you want to succeed as a Music Artist? The rise of social media means there are many more opportunities to promote yourself and get noticed. Find out More

Writing a Musical in a Day

Musical in a Day

Could your child be the next Andrew Lloyd Webber? Join us for a fun-packed day of musical theatre, where students will develop their drama skills to devise a musical in just one day! Led by experienced playwright and creative facilitator Guleraana Mir. For children 8-16. October Half Term @ The Academy Camden. Find Out More.

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