How A Local Legal Practice used Digital Marketing to Increase its Client Base

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A Surrey Law firm wanted to grow its family and employment law practices. They were engaging in events in the local community and had used marketing agencies before for online campaigns but this had not generated the stream of clients they expected.

They found that whilst they had a great service offering, they were unable to get in front of sufficient new clients to generate quality, convertible enquiries. They were conscious that, as a practice with a strong reputation for professionalism, there was a requirement to treat family law with appropriate sensitivity.


Almond Marketing ran an audit of their digital activities and set out a plan which included an ideal return on investment for their marketing activities. All the time and money spent on marketing needed to be accounted for. 

We recommended a two phase approach. Firstly, we analysed searches from the firm’s target audience – identifying key search terms and phrases at various points in the enquiry process. This built up a pattern of user behaviour from initial general interest to making a specific enquiry. With an accurate picture of how, and when, customers use Google and other search engines to find legal help, we could create an optimised plan. We optimised existing pages and developed a route map of additional content recommendations.

These were specifically chosen to attract visitors organically through guides, blogs and other engaging content. As a result of our work, our client gained improved Google rankings across local pages.

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Secondly, we created paid advertising campaigns including banner and search advertisements. As you would expect, we needed focused on our client goals which centred around generating new leads through increased traffic. To help further, we created retargeting campaigns that acted as a deliberate refresher to customers who visited the client site but had not gone further.

In doing so, we remained sensitive to the searches they were making and that other people in their household or working environment may see those searches. It was important our client remained trusted.

We tried and tested this approach and invested more areas that delivered proven results. Once the campaigns were running, paid advertising accounted for a 30% increase in overall site traffic. Our cost-per-click rate was, on average, a third of the industry average too.


We carefully monitored all digital marketing activity and kept our clients up to date through regular transparent reporting.

Example results include:


Month on Month
Campaign Impressions


Month on Month
Campaign Clicks


Month on Month
Enquiry Conversions


Budget Saving
(against industry average cost per click)

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