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Facebook advertising is a targeted method of advertising, subtly embedded into the social media platform. It is effective because you can choose who sees your adverts from a range of categories. At Almond Marketing we ensure your Facebook advertising is in line with your branding and reaches your target audience, driving them towards your business.

We offer different packages designed to set up and monitor a Facebook advertising campaign.

Facebook remarketing codes allow you to reach people who have previously visited your website, on Facebook. This widens your online reach and generates a potential target audience.  We will establish a custom remarketing audience on your Facebook advertising account, so you’re ready to launch a more detailed advertising campaign. For more details of what’s included in the package, contact us.

Don’t have a Facebook page? We’ll take care of that. We can create a page that effectively reflects your business, using appropriate text and images. We will make sure the page is well advertised and provide a remarketing code for your website so everything is well integrated. Still confused? You’ll also receive a free PDF download of our ‘Best FB Practice’ so you can make the most of your new social media account. For more details of what’s included in the package, contact us.

A dormant Facebook account is damaging to your business. If you don’t have time to update regularly, leave it to us. We’ll create well-written, relevant posts. (No cat videos here, unless that’s your thing!) We can also reply to comments and keep your customers engaged, leaving you free to focus on running your business. For more details of what’s included in the package, contact us.

Facebook Advertising to Boost Facebook Pages

Almond Marketing will liaise with you to understand your business and ideal target audience. We will then create a number of engaging target ads within the campaign, specifically for these audiences. There are various types of campaigns you can choose from.

  1. Pay per click to obtain targeted business page likes
  2. Website conversions (use for sign ups, purchases etc.)
  3. Video Views
  4. Engagement
  5. Website clicks