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Infographic: How To Schedule Social Media Posts

It’s never been easier to schedule social media posts. Every day a new app or tool seems to arrive promising a dizzying array of features and automated processes.

Getting the most out of technology depends on having the right data to hand though. When, for example, is the best time to post on the main social media channels to gain an audience? Morning? Afternoon? Evening? Which days of the week work best?

Not sure? Don’t panic! The team at Almond Marketing has created an infographic to answer that very question across all the major channels. We’ve also taken a look at industry sectors from finance through travel and tourism to hospitality. We have it all covered for you.


best time to post

Almond Marketing has a fantastic team of social media experts on hand to advise you or implement your strategy directly. Talk to us about your next social media campaign. 

<h3 style="color:#692f45"><b>Author:</b></h3> Mike Carter


Mike Carter

Marketing Manager

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