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How Would A Client In Need Find You?


Growing your reputation as a trusted provider of legal advice, and increasing your case load, today inevitably means starting relationships online. Are you doing it well enough? Are you achieving all you could? If there are areas to improve, the good news is you can benefit from Almond Marketing’s experience in improving brand recognition, raising search engine rankings, building website traffic and delivering more, higher quality, enquiries. 

We have helped client practices grow by 80%.  What could we do for you?


Attract local visitors to your website

Attract the right visitors to your website

Encourage more family law enquiries

Encourage stronger enquiries

Grow your caseload sensitively

Grow your caseload sensitively

Phillipa James

Phillipa James, Almond’s CEO can share insights she’s gained from creating content, improving websites and running successful digital ad campaigns and that have almost doubled visitor numbers and generated up to 600% increases in online enquiries.

I’m Looking For Digital Marketing Agency Support


We help lay firms by:

Auditing website

Auditing websites and digital assets to ensure they’re optimised and aligned with the latest technologies.

Digital Campaign

Delivering digital campaigns with sensitive messaging around finding help with legal problems

Display of Ads

Designing digital ads and social media posts that carefully target and engage with your ideal audience

Search Engine Analysis

Strengthening local geographic representation through search engine analysis, website optimisation and effective digital advertising

Blog content authority

Writing engaging well-researched articles and blog content to share your expertise and position you as authoritative where it matters

areas of marketing

Supporting other areas of marketing as required from design and print, through social media to animation and video

If you want to grow your family law practice without compromise, book a meeting with Phillipa now!