Facebook and Instagram Advertising Agency In London

Choose Almond Marketing as your Facebook and Instagram ads agency and transform your business by generating new customers for your business at profit.

We are committed to:

FB and IG Ads
positive return on ad spend

Delivering a positive return on ad spend

brand awareness

Increasing your brand awareness via paid social ads

conversion visitors

Increasing leads and conversions to your business

positive growth

Growing your business with our bespoke paid social advertising campaigns

Almond Marketing has a proven reputation for delivering successful paid ad campaigns to professional services, consultancy and consumer brands. With our expert team of search engine marketers, you’ll be able to see the impact of your investment at every stage of your customers journey.

As part of our Facebook and Instagram Ads offering you can expect


Advice and strategic consultancy


Detailed market and industry research


High converting landing page design


Ongoing optimisation to reduce ad spend


High quality asset creation

How Can Facebook and Instagam Ads Impact Your Business?

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with billions of users between them. As a result, they offer a unique opportunity for businesses to reach a large number of potential customers. Facebook and Instagram ads can be highly effective in terms of growing a business.

When creating an ad, we have the ability to target their ads to people based on interests, demographics, and even behavior. This ensures that the people who see and engage with the ad are most likely to become your potential customers.

Getting ads right can lead to a steady influx of customers with a positive return on ad spend.

Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaigns

How Almond Marketing  Can Help Your Business Grow?

As an affordable Facebook Ads and Instragram marketing agency, we specialise in helping small to medium-sized enterprises, consultancies and startups benefit from increasing their customer base.

Our in-house expertise includes

copy creation

Writing high converting ad copy

seo strategy - business objectives

Ongoing campaign optimisation

budget management

Budget management

ad changes

An agile proactive approach to ad changes

audience research

Detailed audience research

With Almond Marketing, you can put your website and digital marketing in the hands of expert paid media buyers.

Read our Case Study: How The UK’s First Online Organic Supermarket Grew It’s Revenue By Over 160%, to find out more about how our strategies impact growth and revenue.

The Almond Marketing Approach To Facebook and Instagram Ads

Initial Consultation


Initial Consultation

All our work starts with a kick-off meeting with your team. We can cover your purpose and vision, products and services before looking at any online market gaps or opportunities. We will ask about your unique differentiators, brand and tone of voice.
Paid Media activity mustn’t move away from your core business objectives


Detailed Audience Research and Customer Avatar Creation

With an ever-changing digital landscape, we are able to deliver tailored campaigns for any audience. Our detailed research into where exactly your customers and potential clients spend their time online will form the basis of accurate targeting with Facebook and Instagram ads. This will make sure you get noticed by the right people.

Audience Research and Customer Avatar
Funnel Building


Campaign Planning and Funnel Building

When it comes to a Facebook and Instagram marketing campaign, you need a detailed plan that will turn potential customers into brand advocates. We can help by mapping out the user funnel and where Instagram or Facebook ads would fit in each stage of this process, turning people who have never heard about our business before into loyal followers!


Determining The Right Budget

Maybe you’re not sure how much to spend on your ad campaign. We’ve worked with clients on many different projects and in many different markets. We have experience of setting and reporting daily, weekly and monthly spends.

The Right Budget

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does A Paid Social Advertising Agency Do?

Paid social media advertising is a powerful tool that brands are increasingly using to find an audience, especially if they are in a competitive space. Running Facebook and Instagram campaign does require specialist knowledge and experience to get the best results. Few businesses have this in-house so turn to agencies to work on their behalf.

How Much Should I Spend On Facebook Ads?

Managing paid advertising budgets is a specialist skill. Fortunately, expenditure is easy to link to clicks, enquiries and sales. An agency should present you with a proposal that balances the amount you spend with the likely amount you’ll make. This means there’s no universal easy answer. Each business will have to make an educated decision for themselves which is where the support of an agency comes in.

How Much Should I Spend On Instagram Ads?

Instagram ads allow you to pay-per-click, which means managing budgets is, one the face of it, relatively straightforward. The ideal spend will depend on a range of factors including any sales targets you are aiming for. This is where the skills and judgement of an experienced agency prove valuable. They can do calculations and prepare a budget with projected revenue gains so you know exactly what to expect.

What Is Facebook Ads Manager?

Ads Manager is the embedded tool within Facebook that allows account owners to create, manage, monitor and amend paid campaigns. While it’s relatively straightforward, for real success, you need to have a full working knowledge of the system or work with an agency, like Almond, that does.

Can Facebook Ads Target Groups?

campaigns. You can set a huge range of variables to make sure your creative is seen by the right people. Navigating the incredible range of options this gives you can feel daunting, however an experienced agency, like Almond, should be able to find the perfect target audience for you.

Do Instagram Ads Work To Gain Followers?

If you need more followers, investing in paid ads might be a great move for you. The results will depend on your business, your current profile and existing content. A professional paid ads agency, Like Almond, will be able to recommend an approach that suits you.

What Other Services Does Almond Marketing Offer?

Almond specialises in transforming organisation’s digital marketing efforts. As well as paid social media ad services, this includes search engine optimisation, copywriting, web development and marketing consultancy services. This is often due to a requirement in the business to increase engagement and demonstrate ROI. We specialise in getting results.