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Choose Almond Marketing as your SEO agency and transform your business by increasing your website traffic, improving your brand awareness and generating more leads, conversions and sales.

We are committed to:

SEO Team

Almond Marketing has a proven reputation for delivering successful Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaigns to professional services, consultancy and consumer brands. With our expert team of Search Marketers, you’ll be able to see the impact of SEO at every stage of your customers journey.


As part of our SEO offering, you can expect


Advice and strategic consultancy


Content planning and recommendations


Keyword performance tracking, analysis and reporting


Optimised page layout design


Optimised copywriting


Backlink Generation


Digital PR


Optimised user experience (UX)

We have an in-house team of SEO Managers, expert copywriters and content marketers. They all bring detailed knowledge and proven skills to each new client relationship – delivering SEO optimised content across a range of sectors including Retail, Law, Charities, Startups and more.

Our satisfied customers, typically small to medium-sized enterprises, usually see year-on-year and month-on-month growth with their Key Performance Indicators.

decline visitors

Are you seeing a decline in the number of visitors to your website?

revenue drop

Are you noticing a drop in your revenue?

competitors search engine

Are your competitors outperforming you in the search engine results page?

Get in touch with Almond Marketing so you can improve your web traffic, grow your revenue and transform your business with SEO.

How Does SEO Benefit Your Business?

SEO can be highly beneficial for your business. 

By making your business easier to find online, you’ll be able to increase the consistency and quality of traffic to your website, reduce your spend on other forms of advertising and move ahead of your competitors.

As customers turn to search engines to identify how to solve their problems, being listed as the best solution gives your business an advantage over your competitors.

Get it right and you can attract a lucrative set of customers to your website.

Attract local visitors to your website

How Almond Marketing Can Help Your Business Grow?

As an affordable SEO company, we specialise in helping small to medium-sized enterprises, consultancies and startups benefit from more organic website traffic.

Our in-house expertise includes

seo strategy - business objectives

Developing an SEO strategy in line with your business objectives

Keyword research

Extensive keyword research


Backlink generation and optimised web design

copy creation

Copy creation alongside the full suite of digital marketing services

With Almond Marketing, you can put your website and digital marketing in the hands of SEO experts who focus on results.

Read our Case Study How The UK’s First Online Organic Supermarket Grew It’s Organic Revenue By Over 160% to find out more about how our strategies impact growth and revenue.

The Almond Marketing Approach To SEO

Work with Almond Marketing and you’ll soon get a sense of working with experienced professionals.

We have delivered numerous SEO campaigns and generated carefully targeted improvements in organic traffic for a variety of clients.

We are skilled at maximising every opportunity digital marketing presents.

What Can You Expect From Almond Marketing?

Almond has developed a step-by-step approach based on auditing existing web content and performance. We then implement and report on a bespoke SEO strategy based on our findings.

Initial Consultation


Initial Consultation

All our work starts with a kick-off meeting with your team. We can cover your purpose and vision, products and services before looking at any online market gaps or opportunities. We will ask about your unique differentiators, brand and tone of voice.

SEO activity mustn’t move away from your core business objectives


Extensive Website Audit & Research

We will then assess your site’s performance from a technical, content and off page perspective whilst benchmarking you against your competitors. We will tell you what you are doing well and what we can help you improve. We don’t just provide qualitative feedback. We base our SEO recommendations on insightful, objective quantitative data too.

Extensive Website Audit & Research
SEO Recommendations


SEO Recommendations

The output of any audit is a strategic SEO document that outlines the next steps we propose.

Almond Marketing becomes accountable for delivery, leaving you time to run your business.


SEO Strategy Implementation

Almond Marketing has the in-house capability to fulfil all your SEO requirements from initial analysis through to the optimisation of existing content to the development of any new required web pages, blogs and posts.

SEO Strategy Implementation
Continued SEO Success


Continued SEO Success

Alongside successful initial SEO activity, we often run ongoing SEO campaigns for our clients on a retained basis meaning we can respond to business changes, competition and changes in search behaviour.

We can do this because we proactively monitor retained clients SEO performance, reporting monthly as a minimum with comments and recommendations for continual improvement.

Almond Marketing’s SEO Customers

We’ve shared a selection of SEO clients below. Contact us if you’d like to know more about our track record.

Planet Organic
my new venture

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process by which website owners make web pages easily available on search engines for potential customers. Search engines (Google, Bing and others) are in the business of providing their users with strongly relevant search results.

What Does an SEO Agency Do?

An SEO agency is a business that provides a range of analysis and optimisation services aimed specifically at managing the organic traffic to your website.

How Long Does It Take For A Website To Rank?

The general consensus is it takes six months to one year for a brand new site to reach the top of google searches however few businesses are starting from scratch. We can tailor our approach to fit any required timescales, however, we normally suggest it takes three months of activity to get a real picture of any SEO results.

Is The Cost Of SEO Worth It?

SEO is very effective at generating site visitors that can be funnelled into leads and sales. There are lots of search-specific metrics you can measure such as SERPs (search engine results page) rankings, organic traffic and visibility, but ultimately you should be able to see an impact on sales.

What Is Black Hat, Grey Hat and White Hat SEO?

‘White Hat SEO’ describes an optimisation process that follows the rules and uses the algorithms fairly.

Trying to cheat the system, with ‘Black Hat SEO’, can have dramatic consequences for websites caught including bans and delisting of content. SEO rules and algorithms are incredibly complicated and areas of confusion can occur which can be exploited by so-called ‘Grey Hat’ SEO.

In our experience, the risks associated with anything but White Hat SEO are too great.

My Business Is Based Outside Of London. Does This Matter?

As a digital business we work everywhere, so talk to us wherever you are based.

What Other Services Does Almond Marketing Offer?

SEO in isolation is only a small part of any digital marketing strategy. Almond Marketing is a full-service digital agency, so we can align Search Engine Optimisation, PPC Campaigns, Social, Web Design and a range of other marketing and consultancy services.