Shipping Company

Project Summary

We worked with a shipping company based in the South East of England who attain all of their business through search and therefore invest a great deal of time and resource in ensuring the site is as optimised as possible.

While they were enjoying success we were brought in to look at ways we could generate even greater activity at the margins.

  • We did an audit of the AdWords campaign and the keywords selections, finding more suitable terms with less cost and took over the running of the campaign
  • Developed a motion graphics video explaining the proposition, which was uploaded to YouTube delivering two main benefits.  Through optimisation of the video it became an additional entry point for visitors to the site but also it formed part of the AdWords campaign, but as it was YouTube based attracted a considerably lower PPC cost but an increase in conversions.
  • Conducted split testing on quote forms, established the one that was getting most engagement and added that to the site using our development resource.
  • Made the site responsive to ensure mobile friendly.
  • Worked with the client to run through the analytics each month to establish the areas of success and plan monthly content development and social media scheduling linked to keywords.
  • Achieved a 47% increase in traffic and a 67% increase in relevant enquiries after four months.